Our Christian Ministries

The University of Indianapolis Campus Ministry is housed within the Office of Ecumenical and Interfaith Programs. Our offices are on the second floor of the Schwitzer Student Center (Room 203) near the McCleary Chapel and Meditation Room.

Our campus ministry is here to help our Christian students enrich their Christian discipleship and be active as the fellowship of believers at UIndy. “Enriched Christian discipleship” means that we are called to be engaged as persons of faith in acts of worship, devotion, compassion, and justice in our walk with God.

The Jerusalem Cross (right) is a visual image of these emphases, and serves as a reminder of a holistic, balanced, and engaging way to be disciples of Jesus Christ in the world as Christian at the University of Indianapolis.

Special events take place throughout the year for all of these forms of Christian Life on campus.

Take advantage of developing your Christian faith while on our campus. Get involved in the ways that you find meaningful. You'll have the chance to make many new friends, and to be with them in Christian community.