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Greetings from McCleary Chapel Ministries

One of the incredible blessings from being in ministry at the University of Indianapolis is to witness how God is involved in the lives of students, and how God has gifted students to step up, dig deep, and reach out as Christian leaders. I have observed time and time again how these committed disciples truly make a difference as they respond to God leading them in their development and growth while at UIndy.

A case in point: this month I want to lift up one of our McCleary Chapel Stewards (our campus ministry student leadership team). She is Sophomore Jenn Meadows, from Greensburg, Indiana. Jenn is a Public Relations major, active in professional pursuits in that arena. But she is also very involved in the Christian life on our campus.

In early October, Jenn demonstrated Christian service while wearing different hats (all at the same time?) with one of our service projects. As stated above, Jenn is a Chapel Steward. Her full title is the McCleary Chapel Steward of Communication. Jenn also is one of our United Methodist Youth Leader (UMYL) Scholars, and she is the president of our United Methodist Student Association.

As part of those responsibilities, Jenn helped recruit and organize a service project to help out at the "Soup’s On," Meal for the Needy hosted at Roberts Park United Methodist Church in downtown Indianapolis. She made contact with and partnered with the UIndy Black Student Association and the Catholic Student Association to help with this event.

There were sixteen students from UIndy that came to spend most of the day at "Soup’s On," preparing, serving, and cleaning up after meals were received by just around 200 guests! Alongside the church people helping out, the UIndy students cut chicken up for the main dish, prepared the desserts to be served, took their places at the serving line, cleaned up dishes, mopped floors, and did many other tasks to make such an event happen. And it couldn’t have happened that day without their contributions to the project!

Christian students at UIndy like Jenn have the commitment and offer their leadership to make discipleship and Christ-like living take place. These students respond to God’s call to care for others in the name of Christ. And they have fun together as they make a difference, on campus and in the community.

We will be sharing the stories of some of our student leaders on this page this year, so come back and visit us to learn more. We give God the glory as we watch how students mature and are transformed through God’s Love while at UIndy!

Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Lang Brownlee